The art of flat weaving hair was one of the most popular styles of the 19th century. This simple style only requires a minimum of 2″ of hair, perfect for a locket that can be worn daily. The undulating nature of the weave allows your hair’s highlights to shine.

The Era Locket

The Era Locket by J.Hannah is handcrafted to order in LA, California from recycled silver or 14k yellow, white or rose gold. Click here for more information and how to order.

Antique Lockets

Interested in an antique locket? I can source the perfect option to fit your taste. Victorian Gothic, Georgian Neoclassical, Simple Early Edwardian, etc. You decide!

Antique Rings

Interested in an antique ring? I can source the perfect option to fit your taste and size, or we can have a tiny brooch converted into a ring! Victorian or Georgian styles work best.

Antique Watch Case

The perfect gift for those who don’t wear jewelry! Small, non-working pocket watch with woven strands can be carried in a pocket or displayed in a frame.¬†

Family Lockets

Interested in a locket with hair from 2+ family members with different length hair? It can be done with as little as 1″ strands, set into a larger antique locket.

Baguette Locket

Looking for something unique? This gorgeous beveled glass and 18k gold vermeil locket can be used for short-hair designs with limited amounts.

More Details

Durability & Care

The basket weave is a more delicate design that requires it to be set under glass or fine gemstones, to ensure it will last for generations as a true heirloom.

Your keepsake should be worn gently, not during strenuous activities outdoors or in, to ensure moisture does not settle under the glass, which could lead to mold growth and damage over time.

How it’s Made

The traditional art of smoothing hair flat into strips on a piece of glass or marble is known as palette work. A small amount of archival adheisve and water is used temporarily as a stiffener. Once the strips are dried, they can be woven into a basket weave and shaped to fit a compartment under glass.

A antique locket is sourced, or a new locket is design. A sketched of the hair pattern is provided

The hair is painted flat with a light, archival adhesive into to strips 

The strips are woven into the basket weave pattern and secured on a linen backing

The adhesive is washed off to restore the hair’s natural texture and cut to fit the locket

Once the hair is clean and dried, it is set into the locket under glass or clear quartz

Personalized touches and engravings can be added depending on the locket style.

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For more information on how much hair and the different styles options, please check out the Process page.