The Basket Weave

The traditional art of smoothing hair flat into strips on a piece of glass or smooth stone is known as palette work. Once the strips are dried, they can be woven into a basket weave and shaped to fit a compartment under glass or transparent crystal.

TYPES OF JEWELRY: The basket weave design is best in round, oval or heart shape pendants, rings, tie tacks or pocket watch cases. See Examples

AMOUNT OF HAIR NEEDED: The amount & length of hair needed will be determined by the size of the jewelry. The minimum length is 2″ with at least a 1/4″ diameter when bunched together. The longer the hair, the smaller the amount needed

ORDERING PROCESS: To inquire about commissioning a basket weave keepsake with your loved one’s hair(s), fill out the questionnaire the contact page. I will follow up with you in 5-7 business days to further discuss the project. Please have a photo ready of the amount of hair you have (if its already cut), next to a ruler or pencil for scale.

See below for photos of how its made…


A antique locket is sourced, or a new locket is design. A sketched of the hair pattern is provided

The hair is painted flat with a light, archival adhesive into to strips 

The strips are woven into the basket weave pattern and secured on a linen backing

The adhesive is washed off to restore the hair’s natural texture and cut to fit the locket

Once the hair is clean and dried, it is set into the locket under glass or clear quartz

Personalized touches and engravings can be added depending on the locket style.

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To get started with the design process, please continue to the contact page to fill out the questionnaire.


For more information on how much hair and the different styles options, please check out the Process page.