A sailor’s knot design created in hair is a perfect way to focus on the true beauty of the natural texture and highlights. Whether its a lace-like love knot created with a small amount of hair or a full plush knot, this style is quickly becoming a favorite.  

The Love Knot

Requires a minimum of 4” long x 1/16” diameter (100mm x 2mm). This design can be set into double-sided glass pendants.

Circle Knot

Requires a minimum of 6” long + x 1/8″ diameter (150mm x 3mm) for pendants up to .75″. Larger 1″+ lockets require 6″+ long x 3/16″ diameter (150mm x 4.5mm). This can be set into antique or modern lockets.

Oval Knot

Requires a minimum of 4″long x 1/8″ diameter (100mm x 3mm) for a thin oval knot. A plush design requires 6”+ long  x 3/16” diameter (150mm x 4.5mm) for pendants up to 1.25″. Larger lockets require more hair.

More Details

Durability & Care

Knotwork is a more delicate design that requires it to be set under glass or fine gemstones, to ensure it will last for generations as a true heirloom.

Your keepsake should be worn gently, not during strenuous activities outdoors or in, to ensure moisture does not settle under the glass, which could lead to mold growth and damage over time.

How it’s Made

Beautiful locks of hair are carefully looped into patterns based on traditional knot work often used by sailors. A simple love knot or a plush knot can be made from longer lengths of hair and set under glass or transparent crystal.

The hair is separated into equal parts and looped through each other according to the pattern.

Additional layers are added to build the knot up to fill the locket compartment.

The knot edges are tacked together and then shaped to fit. Glass is need on top for protection.

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