Table Braiding

The technique of weaving hair into long cords is created on a round ‘table’ with a center hole. Small bundles of hair are weighted around the outside edge and moved in repetitive patterns to push down an ultra tight cord through the hole.

TYPES OF JEWELRY: The cords can be fine enough for a ring band or large enough for a necklace, bracelet or watch chain. See Examples

AMOUNT OF HAIR NEEDED: The amount & length of hair will be determined by the style of the jewelry and the braiding pattern. The minimum length is 8″ with at least a 1/8″-1/4″ diameter when bunched together for a bracelet or necklace. 4″ is minimum for ring bands.

ORDERING PROCESS: To inquire about commissioning a table braided keepsake with your loved one’s hair(s), fill out the questionnaire the contact page. I will follow up with you in 5-7 business days to further discuss the project. Please have a photo ready of the amount of hair you have (if its already cut), next to a ruler or pencil for scale.

See below for more photos of how its made…


The hairs are counted and separate into ‘strands’ according to the pattern

The strands are placed onto the table and balanced with weights for braiding

As the strands are moved around the table, it pushes downward through the center

The braid that forms underneath is a consistant, tightly woven pattern

The finished braid is remove from the weights and set by heat to ensure its strength

The ends of the braid are secured so it can be securely set into the metal findings

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To get started with the design process, please continue to the contact page to fill out the questionnaire.


For more information on how much hair and the different styles options, please check out the Process page.